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work Personal project on Personal Informatics
event from Oct '15 to Nov '15
code Built with 3D Modelling
build using Blender, and 123D Design
Cyclic perception of time

Time is Linear

But our perception of it is cyclic

In nature, time is linear, but the circular motion of our planet around its axis and about the Sun shapes our perception of our time to be cyclic. To measure our productivity and keep track of the passage of time, we have devised tools like clocks and calendars. Though we have rendered this cyclic perception of time well into rotating hands of a clock, the transition of this metaphor fails as we move to a more linear depiction in a calendar. This thought germinated the idea of a continuous representation of a clock into a week or a month of a calendar.

Cyclic Calendar

Radially extruding 24 hour clock

Instead of taking a traditional 12 hour clock face, I chose a 24-hour clock circle as it is a better middle ground between an hourly distribution of time by a clock and daily distribution by a calendar. Each hour of the day is depicted with a notch/box on the ring, thirty such rings would form a month. By putting these equidistant from each other such that the 2am hour face towards a common center forms a larger ring/toroid for a month.

3D printed calendar