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create Designed by doing Branding and Prototyping
code Built with Bootstrap, HTML/CSS/JS, Ruby on Rails
build using Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sublime Text

Increasing Findability

Differentiating via branding

As a new technical consulting firm finding its mark in the highly competitive smartphone app development industry, Hot Cocoa Software was planning a new marketing push by re-branding its online presence.

There's more to the name

Humble iOS beginnings

The company was founded to provide technical consulting and support to clients seeking resources to build iOS apps. Inspired by the Cocoa Touch UI library for iOS and with an aim to evoke a warm fuzzy feeling, the company was named Hot Cocoa Software. For the logo, initially a cup of Hot Cocoa was chosen, but to depict the iOS origins of the company, top view of a rounded corner square cup was chosen, where the rounded square had the same shape as the iOS app icon.

Process adopted

A quick glance through the process adopted for the project