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work UX Designer on SI-582 Project
event from Sep '14 to Nov '14
create Designed by doing Personas, Sketches, and Prototyping
build using Axure, Illustrator, and Photoshop

Recently moved to college town?

Don't know anything about the neighborhood?

Out of state students that move to university towns often don't know much about the community they will be moving to. The transitory nature of their stay doesn’t motivate them to communicate with the residents and the residents have seen so many students come and go that they also don’t share concern.


Rediscover your neighborhood

Shire provides key features: Groups, Share, and Forum. Each of these address concerns of not knowing anyone, needing help, and not knowing about the city. Especially for students who recently moved in from out of state, and are living off-campus.

Process adopted

A quick glance through the process adopted for the project