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work Personal project on Information Visualization
event from Sep '15 to Oct '15
create Built by doing Usability Interviews and Rapid Prototyping
code Built with D3, HTML/CSS/JS
build using Sketch, Gulp, Sublime Text
Image of Solar System from Wikipedia

Our mental model of Solar System

Visualizing scales not observable by naked human eye is difficult

If you ask anyone to draw the solar system, they will draw the textbook diagram they grew up learning in school, and that is the mental model they have of it. Unfortunately the scales of the solar system do not render well for print medium, but with an interactive visualization these sizes and distances can be shown to scale.

Scales of Solar System

Putting context to large scales of our Solar System

As noted by F. Chevalier et. al., using a combination of an anchor of a perceivable object with an analogy, best helps in formulating the size of imperceptible objects. So, in this visualization, a to-scale model of the Solar System is represented with a couple of anchors, a 5-feet tall person for Sun's diameter, and a local reference of distance from the center of Big House, the Michigan Stadium. So if the Sun with 5ft. diameter is stated at the center of the Big House, the 0.5cm diameter, pearl size Mercury will be at the periphery of the field.

SoS screenshot showing Sun 5ft at center of Michigan Stadium

Process adopted

A quick glance through the process adopted for the project