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work Product Designer on Trekr Project
group with Carissa, Jerome, and Randa
event from Jan '16 to Apr '16
create Designed by doing Personas, User-testing, and Prototyping
code Built with Swift, Django (Python), and MySQL
build using XCode, GitHub, and Sketch

Always wanted to go for a hike?

But weren't sure how to plan or what to take?

Planning a hike is really hard. All of the information is scattered around different sites and it can be extremely time consuming to look through everything. Additionally, searching for hikes with specific requirements like a certain season or difficulty can make the process even more tedious.


Every trek begins with Trekr

Trekr aims to solve these problems with a searchable list of nearby hikes with detailed information for each. You can filter the list based on given parameters, and learn more about the hike they are interested in from the hike profiles.

Process adopted

A quick glance through the process adopted for the project